D Day 80th Anniversary at Watton Sports Centre and Loch Neaton

Thursday June 6th will be the 80th Anniversary of the D Day Landing in Normandy when 156,000 British, American, Canadian, Polish and Free French troops stormed the beaches in Normandy and started the downfall of Hitler’s Germany.

From 17.00 at the Sports Centre we will be showing information about D Day and from 19.00 onward we will remember good old British Wartime foods with free Bangers and Mash (while our stocks last!)

We will have cadets from several organisations, Phoenix Pipes and Drums and Mike Wabe, our Town Cryer, to make proclamations.

At 20.40 we will ask everyone to join our procession down to Loch Neaton where Mike will read the official proclamation and our new Mayor, Don Saunders, will say some words about D Day. At 21.15 we will join in the nationwide lighting of the beacons with the lighting of the Loch Neaton beacon.

All are welcome.